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Important Notice: New national WIOA data from USDOL is available. We're updating our data warehouse accordingly and will release updated dashboards soon.

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WIOA National Performance Dashboard

How are states performing against the national average?

Title I-Adult
Title I-Dislocated
Title I-Youth
Title III-WP
Adult: Program Year 2017 Quarter 3 to Program Year 2018 Quarter 2
Actual Outcome / National Average = % of National Average for the selected indicator. Legend shows the color assigned to the ranges of % National Average outcomes.

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Powerful BI service to investigate in detail WIOA performance indicators for Title I Adult, Dislocated and Youth and Title III participants. Monitor agency performance against goals. Gain deeper insight to inform WIOA program and policy decisions.

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WIOA Performance Analytics Screenshot

Get answers to WIOA performance questions fast.

Who's exited? Who's enrolled for program services? Who's currently in training by what occupation code by what Eligible Training Provider?

So many possible questions. So many ways to dive in for answers.
Drill, rank and compare participant flow activity at the Region, State, Workforce Development Board, AJC and ETP levels across your entire state.

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Predict Your WIOA indicator performance using FutureWorks Bi Predictive Rosters.

Have actionable intel to help direct follow-up activities and insight that can lead to improved WIOA performance outcomes.

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WIOA Performance Indicator Definitions and Timing Chart

Updated: 6/2021

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Important Notice: New national data released.
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