Explore national Workforce Investment Act (WIA)/ Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) data using FutureWork Systems' Dashboards.

Democratize your data. Unleash its value. Improve program performance.

WIA Performance
Explore your State or WDB performance.

Investigate WIA/WIOA performance for Adult, Dislocated and Youth participants over 4 program quarters. See how Workforce Development Boards perform against their targets.

WIA Participant Flow
Who's exited? Who's registered for program services?

Drill, rank and compare participant flow activity at the Region, State and Workforce Development Board level across the entire country.

WIA Results
A dashboard for the laymen.

A "plain english" dashboard of WIA outcomes using terminology anyone can understand. See performance and participant flow information all in one across the nation, regions, states and Workforce Development Boards.

WIA Results Dashboard

From WIOA data to Workforce Intelligence. We get you there.

Single-click simple business intelligence for Workforce Development program reporting, insight and decision support. Serving Title I - IV.

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WIOA Performance Indicators - Title I

The FutureWorks Team has prepared the following chart of 18 WIOA indicators (15 participant indicators and 3 employer indicators) to assist you in understanding the new indicators are now effective as of July 1, 2016. See Final Rules: https://doleta.gov/performance/reporting/eta_default.cfm

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Timing Charts for WIOA Exit/Activity Cohorts

Updated 7/20/2016 to account for USDOL update on 7/11, see USDOL WIOA Periods for Reporting Outcomes

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